OPEN SOURCE is an artist-led platform for collaboration and exchange based in East London.

We partner with individuals and organisations to challenge preconceptions about arts and identities through cultural experiences, activism and exchange.

We intensively crossbreed visual arts, music and sound and run music studios and a sound and tech research lab.

We have founded Open Source Contemporary Arts Festival and Dalston Music Festival, as well as Dalston Studios.

We have our own publishing platform.

We organise free workshops throughout the year, benefiting over 250 young people from Hackney.

Our upcoming workshop series, SONIC IMAGE is partly supported by PRS for Music Foundation

OPEN SOURCE is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company and is run by a core team of volunteers.


Unit 7 Stamford Works
Gillett Square 
London N16 8JH

+44 (0)7865 059 469

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Guillaume Chuard, Mathias Clottu

Benedict de Silva

Backers and supporters since 2015