Ben Cain


‘Involuntary Exercise (Unfinished)’
Video installation
Black box

Disconnected, wired-up, wired, plugged in, cut off, attached. There’s a missing sound, a tapping or clicking, like a rogue second hand. Involuntarily being in rhythm, on or in beat, on time, beating out time. Pace-making, but just a little too fast, a little ahead of time, unavoidably. Tapping fingers on a counter, typing fingers on a keyboard. Continuing in sleep the movements that are performed during the day, movements that have become second-nature, learned by a body, set in motion, and endlessly self-replicating.

Ben Cain lives and works in London and Zagreb. Selected exhibitions include: Words to be spoken Aloud, Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK, (2013); Work in the Dark, Manifest 9, Genk,Belgium, (2012); Busan Biennale, Busan, Korea, (2012); The Other Workshop, Herbert Reed Gallery, Canterbury, UK, (2011), The Same Old Objects Keep Reappearing, Tu SMo, Museum of Modern Art, Pula, Coratia, (2010); The Making of the Means, Wiels, Brussels, Belgium (2009)

Work commissioned by Gareth Bell-Jones

Ben Cain
Ben Cain & Mary Hurrell, Plugged in, Cut Off, Attached. Photography by Julien Bader.
Ben Cain
Ben Cain, Short Falls (Colour), 2014. Photography by Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade. Produced for Turnovers (jointly organised by Tate Modern and MoCAB). Image courtesy the artist and Supplement Gallery