Larry Achiampong

Larry Achiampong
Larry Achiampong, Mogya vinyls, ‘Meh Mogya’ (2011), ‘More Mogya’ (2013), audio on vinyl, internet download, courtesy of the artist

'Ph03nix Rising: The Mogya Project' (approx 30 mins)

'Ph03nix Rising: The Mogya Project' builds from Larry Achiampong's previous projects: 'Meh Mogya', 'More Mogya', which entailed the artist deciphering Ghanaian highlife samples as he explored his audible heritage and the socio-political context of Ghana's history.
Expanding upon this, Achiampong’s performance will scrutinise and re-present audio and visual samples that connect the western region of the African continent.

Larry Achiampong's solo and collaborative projects employ imagery, aural and visual archives, live performance and sound to explore ideas of cross-cultural and post-digital identity – in particular, dichotomies found within a world dominated by Facebook/tumblr/Wikipedia/YouTube-based cultures.

With the enduring expansion and sharing of information via the Internet, the idea of a conservative version of history, as previously dictated, continues to be eradicated. At the heart of this phenomenon lies Achiampong’s increased interest in what new truths or versions become available, the multiple possibilities that are created and maintained in the digital realm and the consequences related to ‘IRL’ or ‘In Real Life’.

Achiampong crate-digs the vaults of history, splicing audible and visual qualities of the personal and interpersonal archive-as-material - offering multiple dispositions that reveal the socio-political contradictions in contemporary society.

Achiampong has exhibited, performed and presented projects within the UK and abroad including Tate Britain/Modern, London; Hauptbahnhof (dOCUMENTA 13), Kassel; The British Film Institute, London; Modern Art Oxford, Oxford; New Art Exchange, Nottingham; SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin; Bokoor African Popular Music Archives Foundation, Accra; and The Mistake Room, Los Angeles.

Achiampong recently completed residencies at Tyneside Cinema (Newcastle), and Praksis (Oslo). He is currently artist in residence with Sound & Music and The British Library (London), and will also be artist in residence at Wysing Arts Centre (Cambridge) later this year. Achiampong is a current recipient of the Artist’s Bursary Scheme with Artsadmin (London).

Achiampong (b. 1984, UK) completed a BA in Mixed Media Fine Art at University of Westminster (2005) and an MA in Sculpture at Slade School of Fine Art (2008). He lives and works in London.

Artist invited by Marie d’Elbee