Anna Barham

Anna Barham
Anna Barham, ‘Argent Minotaur Slept’, 2012, courtesy the artist
'Argent Minotaur Slept', 2012
Video screening
Sat 2 and Sun 3 May
Stamford Works

'Argent Minotaur Slept', 2012, is an animated section of a large volume of text written from the letters in the phrase 'Return to Leptis Magna', a reference to an ancient archeological ruin. The letters, which are used in Barham's work as a form of building material, rapidly appear on screen and coalesce into words before disappearing from view at the same fast pace. This results in a quick fire succession of text that hovers on the borders of sense and that implicates the viewer in the construction of a meaning particular to their experience of the work.

Anna Barham (b. 1974, UK) lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions, performances and commissions include: Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm; Composite, Brussels and Rotterdam Film Festival (2015); Hayward Gallery Project Space, London (2014); Arcade, London; Site Gallery, Sheffield and MK Gallery, Milton Keynes (2013); Art on the Underground, London (2012). Recent group exhibitions and screenings include: Centre Pompidou, Paris and Künstlerhaus KM, Graz (2015); STUK, Leuven; Banner Repeater, London (2014); South London Gallery, London and Turner Contemporary, Margate (2013).

Work selected by Emily Butler