Gareth Bell-Jones

Gareth Bell-Jones
Annals of the 29th Century, Installation View, Wysing Arts Centre, February 2014. Image: Plastiques Photography

This presentation brings together video work by Ben Cain with live performance by Mary Hurrell. These two artworks, both newly commissioned for OPEN SOURCE, deal with parts of the body abstracted from the whole. Cain's work displays the hand reduced to a series of repetitive processes in mechanical or automated movements. Hurrell's performance is developed from a work presented at South London Gallery in 2014. This new work will focus on the sound and movements of individual parts of the body. The piece uses recorded voice with a live performer encased in a sculptural garment which both accentuates and limits natural movement. Together these two works suggest how functions of the body can be alienated from the whole either through meaningless work or as extensions of the body and mind, hollow but still capable of producing emotion and empathy.

Curator's Programme

Ben Cain
'Involuntary Exercise (Unfinished)'
Video installation
Black box
Mary Hurrell
Sun 3 May, 19.00
Black box


Gareth Bell-Jones (b. 1982) is an independent curator and writer based in London and Berlin. For four and a half years to 2014 he worked as a curator for Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, where he has curated residencies, exhibitions, retreats, events and an annual music festival with a wide range of artists and practitioners including Jesse Darling, Gustav Metzger, Elizabeth Price, Ed Atkins and Keren Cytter to mention a few. For the same duration he has been a regular visiting tutor to the Royal College of Art Curating Contemporary Art Department. Before working at Wysing he studied curating at the RCA, where his thesis was on the theme of Boredom, and curated and ran the Tricycle Gallery in Kilburn for three years. Recent catalogue commissions and artists texts have included Laure Provost, Agata Madejska and Marlie Mul, whereby he generally takes a fictionalised approach to interpretation