Flo Brooks

Flo Brooks
Flo Brooks, "Whose Body Where?", 2016, courtesy of the artist

Brooks will show the series of works Whose Body Where? A series of paintings commissioned by Open Source. The works focus on specific public spaces where the physical body is called into question. Using personal narrative to describe instances of confrontation, the works explore both tangible and fleeting manifestations of gender expression and difference from the perspective of a queer transperson. From the outer edge of a city school to a journey on the northern line at 7am, encountered gestures, codes and behaviours are explored through the paintings, revealing the ways people use and buy public space, and how our own privileges and prejudices infiltrate, adorn and design such spaces.

The paintings will be accompanied by a live reading by writer Maike Hale Jones about her oldest friend Richard.

Flo Brooks (b.1987, Devon) lives and works in London. He recieved a first class honours in BFA Fine Art from The Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford, 2010. Recent exhibitions include Notes for Turtle Salon’, White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, London, 2015, ‘Staying In’, Mills Centre London2015, Heaving the Lead, Cecil Sharp House, London, 2015, Crash Open, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London 2014. He was cast as a member in ‘Theatre of the Tender’ 2016, ‘Sensorum Tests’, 2012, two films exploring ‘Mirror Touch Synesthesia’ by Daria Martin. Selected commissions include The National Trust, 2012, Nuffield Orthopaedic CEntre, Oxford 2010-2013 and material for Londno based band Virginia Wing, 2015.

Curated by Helen Nisbet