Ben Cain

Ben Cain
Ben Cain & Mary Hurrell, Plugged in, Cut Off, Attached. Photography by Julien Bader.
'Involuntary Exercise (Unfinished)'
Video installation
Black box

Disconnected, wired-up, wired, plugged in, cut off, attached. There's a missing sound, a tapping or clicking, like a rogue second hand. Involuntarily being in rhythm, on or in beat, on time, beating out time. Pace-making, but just a little too fast, a little ahead of time, unavoidably. Tapping fingers on a counter, typing fingers on a keyboard. Continuing in sleep the movements that are performed during the day, movements that have become second-nature, learned by a body, set in motion, and endlessly self-replicating.

Ben Cain lives and works in London and Zagreb. Selected exhibitions include: Words to be spoken Aloud, Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK, (2013); Work in the Dark, Manifest 9, Genk,Belgium, (2012); Busan Biennale, Busan, Korea, (2012); The Other Workshop, Herbert Reed Gallery, Canterbury, UK, (2011), The Same Old Objects Keep Reappearing, Tu SMo, Museum of Modern Art, Pula, Coratia, (2010); The Making of the Means, Wiels, Brussels, Belgium (2009)

Work commissioned by Gareth Bell-Jones