The Exchange

The Exchange
Flora Bradwell : I Am Bella

The Exchange is an artist-led project within an artist-led space. The Exchange is built on a simple principle: to share space and allow things to grow. Through The Exchange we facilitate free space for artists to display and sell independently published works, through The Exchange artists retain 100% of profits made from all books sold. In Exchange for this artists donate one copy of their work to our in house community library. Our library is open 7 days a week and open for all to enjoy and experience. Through our Exchange, local community and visitors alike gain access to a collection of work that, ordinarily, might not be at their fingertips. And this Exchange is just as important as the first.

Our ever growing collection currently comprises of over 180 titles from 120 artists and art collectives world wide. We champion titles of all types and celebrate independently published works in all forms. In our collection you will find works in all shapes and sizes: everything from underground comic books and zines to Turner Prize winners and nominees. Works can be purchased from as little as £1 (and no greater than £50) and the vast majority of work falls into limited edition print runs.