Joey Holder

Joey Holder's work is an investigation of fluidity, whether in organic matter or concerning questions of
​technology and nature. Layering images and items drawn from biology, nanotechnology and natural history Holder splices computer interfaces, screen shots and text, generating sequences whereby bodies transform and mutate in a congealing of subjects.

Often incorporating images of bizarre creatures and biological organisms drawn from the internet, her videos, installations and websites probe the technological and natural world, functioning as abstracted systems – organic matter with their own internal logic. The apparently 'alien' looking creatures that she often uses suggest a sense of otherness, and how we can find ourselves mining the web for such images in an apparent desire to feed a drive towards the grotesque, one that becomes oddly intimate and familiar through its repetition.

Holder has exhibited in numerous exhibitions internationally. She recently had two person shows with John Russell, LD50 Gallery, London (2016) and at Karst, Plymouth (2015) with Viktor Timofeev, recent solo shows include HYDROZOAN, Project Native Informant, London (2015) and The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2014). Group shows include exhibitions at Podium, Oslo, Norway and Palazoo Clerici, Milan, Italy (both 2016), Fort Delta, Melbourne, Australia and the ICA, London (2015). Holder was shortlisted for the Converse/Dazed Emerging Artist Award 2013.

Curated by Richard Parry