Shirin Sabahi

Shirin Sabahi
Shirin Sabahi, ‘We Came Here to Swim’, 2012, courtesy the artist
'We Came Here to Swim', 2012
Film projection
Sat 2 and Sun 3 May
Stamford Works

A film director uses sign language to give an account of her filmmaking experience. Told in front of a swimming pool that was used for one of her film sets, her story becomes progressively chaotic. Although she does not reveal whether it was ever completed, the director continued working on her film against all odds. Immersed in her vision, she gradually lost the ability to speak. Nonetheless she bonded with her cameraman, the only person she could still communicate with without need for words. Although vision and passion come together in this process of extra sensory communication, we are left wondering if the film itself is legible to others.

Shirin Sabahi (b. 1984, Tehran) is an artist who lives in Berlin. Her work has been shown at Kunsthaus, Dresden (2015); Galleri Nikolai Wallner, Copenhagen (2015); Blackwood Gallery, Toronto (2014); Bloc Projects, Sheffield (2014); De Hallen, Bruges (2014); Kuenstlerhaus, Stuttgart (2013); CAB, Brussels (2013); Oberhausen Short Film Festival (2012); and CCS Bard, New York (2012) amongst others. Previous solo exhibitions in London include Narrative Gallery (2013); and Saatchi Gallery (2012). Additionally she was an artist-in-residence at Delfina Foundation (2012).

Work selected by Emily Butler