Tai Shani

Tai Shani
Tai Shani, The Vampyre, 2015, courtesy of the artist

Tai Shani's multidisciplinary practice, comprising performance, film, photography and installation, revolves around experimental narrative texts. These alternate between familiar narrative tropes and structures and theoretical prose in order to explore the construction of subjectivity, excess and affect and the epic in relation to post-patriarchal realism.

‘Dark Continent Productions’ is an on-going project that proposes an allegorical city of women populated by composite, symbolic protagonists that embody excess and examine 'feminine' subjectivity and experience as well as the potentials of a realism defined by this excess and the irrational, qualities traditionally surrounding notions of “femininity”. The ‘feminine’ not as female but as "a kind of radical otherness to any conception of the real". It is a city that is simultaneously internal and geographic, past and future, part ruin, part becoming, a city in time but not in space. The project is iterated through disparate installations, films and performances that together form a mythology that conceptualises the ‘epic’ as a form to test the potentials of feminist politics and ideologies, a platform to imagine a post-patriarchal world.

Curated by Richard Parry