Gillett Square

Open Source CIC, in partnership with the Vortex Jazz Club, holds the license for events on Gillett Square. To propose an event or get involved, please get in touch with pauline@opensource.london

The Open Source production team works to sustain and develop local wealth beyond purely economic terms. Presenting cultural events in partnership with the local community and other organisations, Open Source produces live music and arts, games, sporting and educational activities for all, ensuring that Gillett Square continues to develop as one of London’s most remarkable public spaces.

Gillett Square is a community. Home to independent businesses, coffee drinkers, thinkers, skateboarders, jazz clubs, artists, time travellers, live music and performances, award winning architecture, a radio station, record shops, dreamers, fashion designers, music studios and international delicacies.

This platform recognises the importance of public space and its invaluable role in community life.