Vuelo Nocturno

Thursday 20th April 2017
Vuelo Nocturno
The Third Body (c) Magdalena Diehl

As part of Vuelo Nocturno, artist duo The Third Body presented vocals, sound samples and electronic music arrangements associated with live visual effects following the idea of bending time and space into boundless eternity.

The Third Body is a mutant environment crossbreeding visuals, voice, animal behaviours, science-fiction and electronic music.

Through performances and installations, The Third Body explores patterns of submersive communication, clicking and voiced sequences, echoes and subbase vibrations, imploding and exploding acoustics.

Particles vibrate as organs generate magnetic fields, pulses and modulations in the waveform and frequency. Coupled with sensations of avalanches and collapsing matter, The Third Body delves into interspecies music and communication : flickering signals, foraging and echolocation, bioluminescence and stroboscopic bacteria.

The Third Body spurts light-emitting pigment, exploring electronic rhythms like biological systems which oscillate between the visible and the ultraviolet spectrum.

Light-sensitive installations expel clouds of luminescent material and dangle silken threads. Mollusc noises twitch and flash as long-lasting zooid sounds use propulsive force to establish and coordinate new colonies.