Vuelo Nocturno

Thursday 20 April 2017

Vuelo Nocturno
Performance and installation
MALBA Museo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Live music performance and presentation of Skin of the Cosmos, a visual installation which mapped the performance space with thousand of little dots like infinitely small particles of space-time. In the manner of an octopus’ skin, these dots morph though live animation to mirror the constellations of that very night according to the exact time, date and place of the show.

Presented like a time-travel vessel, inviting humans to get lost in the moment and bending time and space into a landscape of boundless eternity.

Like the millions of atoms uniting all things, the installation plays on the idea of a hidden mesh of the universe and of an animal-like behavior of the surface.

Presented by MALBA Museo / Lapandi International